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"The story of the lease, development and eventual sale of the Royal Links Golf Course property and lucrative wastewater rights should be taught in every civics and political science class in Nevada."

JOHN L. SMITH: Report on Walters' cozy ties with City Hall should scare taxpayers (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

"The cumulative effect of the report is devastating. Repeated memos from city attorneys that contain the line "does not confer a benefit to the city" about deals with Walters. A meeting with staffers last year long before the council vote, taped by a city employee, in which Walters 'kept saying, 'we don't know why we are here - this deal is done.'"

Jon Ralston, upon reading a 160-page report on deals made between Bill Walters and Las Vegas, has to wonder ... (Las Vegas Sun column)

"This is not some bureaucratic snafu problem, folks. This is about corruption, however you define the word."

Jon Ralston on Politics: Lipstick on a pig (In Business Las Vegas column)

"The mayor solicited this deal with the urgency of a hooker at a stoplight. I don't buy for one minute the idea that the mayor was misled by staff or overwhelmed by the technical aspects of the case. The logical way to put all this together: The mayor wanted to do his friend a favor and he was willing to do it at the expense of Las Vegas citizens."

SHERMAN FREDERICK: A juice job at City Hall (Las Vegas Review-Journal column)

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